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25 Reasons to Smile

The cool a summer thunderstorm brings
Iced coffee on a covered porch
Flag buntings hung from a white porch railing
Abundant cottage gardens
Good neighbors
An eight-horse hitch plowing an Amish field
Homemade donuts
Freshly mown grass
Birdhouses in the garden
Fat ponies
A good hunting dog lying at your feet
Warm pajamas
Goldfinches swooping in the sunshine
Owl calls at night
The tiredness that comes from your own good, hard labor
A job well done
Reading a favorite story to a young loved-one, especially if it has good pictures!
Well-stocked, comfortable libraries
The soft fall of a gentle rain
A friend you can tell absolutely anything to
The smell of leather
A vintage apron
Real hardwood floors
Rural county fairs

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